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Chaotic Pink Chocobo [userpic]
Final Fantasy VII / Xiaolin Showdown Crossover
by Chaotic Pink Chocobo (chaotic_chocobo)
at September 13th, 2006 (07:51 pm)

//I'm Currently\\: interested

Hello! I figured that this would be the place to post my little idea/story.

Title: An Ancient Dragon
Author: chaotic_chocobo
Pairings: Clay/OC (name still unknown) Jack/Kimiko/Raimundo (possibily)
Things that were changed: Dojo can sense any kind of magic, and not just Shen gong wu. Same goes for Wuya. More changes will come later.
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Summary: Long ago, when the Planet was called Gaea instead of earth, and Magic was common. But more specifically, after a band of Heroes Saved the Planet from a Mad man and a Alien, when the last Ancient was able to move on to the Promise land, the Planet was without a way to control it's WEAPONS and had no one to talk to.

It created a young girl, a full blooded Cetra, and hid her along with it's materia it's children had no more use for in the Northern Crater. So that one day, if the Planet was in danger once more, she along with the Weapons would awake and defend the planet.

~1500 years ago, North Pole~

"Don't you think we could put these Shen gong wu in a more warmer place?" Dojo asked the Grand Master Dashi, whose shoulder he was sitting on. They only had a handful of Shen gong- wu left to hide, and Dashi thought that they could hide them all up at the top of the world.

So here they were, searching the Northern Pole for a place to hide them. Unfourtanly, all that was up here were miles upon miles of snow and ice, no where to hide five deactivated Shen Gong Wu.

"I tell you Dashi, there is nothing up here. So let's just go back and hide them in a volcano or something." Dashi rolled his eyes.

"We already hid the Sapphire Dragon in a Volcano, and almost died in the process." Dashi still had a bad burn on one of his legs to prove it. "Besides, we're here already, so we might as well finish."

"Fine, But let's hurry up, It's freezingggg!" He said, stuttering the last part of his sentence. His body froze before beginning to shake, indicating that something magical was in the area.

"Dojo, what is it?" Dashi asked, concerned. There shouldn't be anything up here to make his companion act like this.

"Some kind of Powerful Magic, right below us! And I mean Powerful! As in destroy the world powerful!" Dojo said as the shaking begun to fade away.

Dashi grinned. "Let's go see what it is!"


After about two hours of using Dojo's fire breath to burn a hole through the ice and snow, the two found their selves in an almost Pitch black Cavern. The only light came from the walls, which seemed to be glowing with a faint green light.

"What is this place?" Dojo asked as they made their way down the glowing hall way.

"I don't know, but I bet this would be a great place to hide the rest of the Shen gong wu." Dashi said, a slight smile on his face. He loved exploring places, it was half the reason he was spreading the shen gong wu all over the globe, and he bet no one had ever been here before.

The cavern grew wider the farther they went, until it suddenly expanded into a large room that could probably hold three Dojo's in his large form. Their was more light in here, but that's not what fascinated them.

Inside the walls of the cavern, where Five giant monsters, all of the over three hundred feet tall, and each looking very different then the last. Then, in one of the pillars of the glowing ice there was a girl frozen inside. And in the other pillars were many differently colored orbs, all of them glowing either red, yellow, green, purple, or blue. Except the two that were inside the pillar with the girl. One was white, while the other was black. Neither of them glowed, but Dojo could tell they were the source of the Powerful magic he sensed. The other orbs held magic, but those two were the strongest.

"You still think this is a good place to hide them? I think those monsters and that girl are still alive, just sleeping." Dojo said, wary of the place. There was a great evil power there, along with a great good power, and Several neutral powers.

"No one's going to find this place, and if they do wake up, it's not like they'll know what the Shen Gong wu are." He said before setting the five shen gong wu beside separate pillars. Hopefully in a few years, the ice would freeze over them so they would become apart of the pillars.

The two left soon afterwards and sealed up the cavern with more snow, never knowing that one of the Monsters had watched the whole thing, and relayed the information to the Girl inside the center pillar, changing her dreams. So instead of dreaming about living meteors flying through space, or crystal Forests and seashell houses, she dreamed of five magical objects, Dragons, and freedom.