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Chaotic Pink Chocobo [userpic]
Final Fantasy VII / Xiaolin Showdown Crossover
by Chaotic Pink Chocobo (chaotic_chocobo)
at September 13th, 2006 (07:51 pm)

//I'm Currently\\: interested

Hello! I figured that this would be the place to post my little idea/story.

Title: An Ancient Dragon
Author: chaotic_chocobo
Pairings: Clay/OC (name still unknown) Jack/Kimiko/Raimundo (possibily)
Things that were changed: Dojo can sense any kind of magic, and not just Shen gong wu. Same goes for Wuya. More changes will come later.
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Summary: Long ago, when the Planet was called Gaea instead of earth, and Magic was common. But more specifically, after a band of Heroes Saved the Planet from a Mad man and a Alien, when the last Ancient was able to move on to the Promise land, the Planet was without a way to control it's WEAPONS and had no one to talk to.

It created a young girl, a full blooded Cetra, and hid her along with it's materia it's children had no more use for in the Northern Crater. So that one day, if the Planet was in danger once more, she along with the Weapons would awake and defend the planet.

Part oneCollapse )

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