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Chaotic Pink Chocobo [userpic]
by Chaotic Pink Chocobo (chaotic_chocobo)
at September 17th, 2006 (02:56 am)

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Title: An Ancient Dragon
Author: chaotic_chocobo
Pairings: Clay/OC Jack/Kimiko/Raimundo (possibily)
Things that were changed: Um.. I guess I'll post all that I know under a Lj-cut for spoilers and length. Dojo can sense any kind of magic, and not just Shen gong wu. Same goes for Wuya. Each WEAPON has a specific job, which will come later. I'm gonna tweak some aspects of Final Fantasy VII and AC to suite me wants later on.. And probally change some aspects of the Monks powers. (As you can see, I already tweaked Clay's powers so he can her the OC.. and later the planet and promise land. ^//^)

Warnings/Notes: None for this chapter.

"What's going on?"

The voice went unnoticed as Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay battled the almost thousands of jack-bots that swarmed towards them. They were careful not to hit any of the pillars in fear that they would break them. However, one of the Jack-bots, while being blasted away by Raimundo's Sword of the s
Storm, crashed through the pillar containing the blue orbs and two black gloves, the Cat Climbers.

"Support, the magic that increases effect." The voice once again said in their minds, scaring Jack Spicer enough to scream (although that really wasn't that difficult), while the others, including the bots, just stopped waited to see what would happen next.

Another gigantic monster awaken. This time it turned out to be the dark green one that was in a semi humonid shape. It blinked its eyes and watched the them like Ruby was.

"Emerald Weapon wakens, and with it the second key is undone. Now only three remain before their release."

Kimiko looked over to Jack and glared. "See Jack! Stop this and leave these Shen Gong wu alone!" she yelled at him.

"Planet? What's going on?!"

Clay looked around, hearing the voice in his head like the other one. But this one was different. It was clearly a girls voice, and very confused.

"No way Kimiko, I'm not leaving these wu just cause you say to!" Jack yelled back at the Japanese girl.

"Why am I awake? Are you in danger?"

The fighting resumed, but Clay was distracted by the voice and didn't notice the Jack-bot sneaking up behind him. Omi did however, and shouted a warning to the cowboy.

"Clay! Watch out!"

He turned and manage avoid a blast of energy shot by one of the Jack-bots. He grabbed the bot that had shot at him and tossed it at the nearest one, which Omi happened to be fighting, causing the two Jack-bots to explode in fire and shrapnel.

While Clay resumed fighting, Jack got out of his craft and begun to dodge the fights, using the Shroud of Shadows so he wasn't seen, and started to gather the two shen gong wu and the many orbs.

After going back to his ship and dumping the items, he started to think how he could break the other pillars. Yes, he was spooked by the gigantic monsters and the voice that spoke in his mind. But he was also very curious as to what would happen. Besides, he wasn't going to listen to the Xiaolin losers. He would do what ever he want, and take the Shen gong wu if he wanted to!

Jack searched around the seat of his ship, and grinned when he pulled out a beam gun. Cloaking himself one more with the Shroud of Shadows, he once again left the safety of his cockpit and evaded the flying robots and fighting Xiaolin monks before coming to the pillar that held the green orbs and the Healing Gem, which was just a pale purple crystal.

Taking aim to make sure he wouldn't hit the Healing Gem, or the green orbs, he fired and the pillar, shattered into a million pieces.

"Magic, pure and Simple."

"What has happened!"

"What the..!"

"It wasn't me!"

"Me either!"

The monks exclaimed at once, knowing that none of them broke the pillar, but unable to see Jack smirking as he gathered the items laying in the debris. But his smirk faded as a monstrous roar echoed through the cavern, signifying one of the monsters waking.

Inside the crystal, the pure white monster opened it's eyes and tried to crash through the crystal, making it crack severely.

"Diamond Weapon awakens, The lock is almost broken."

"My magic... I can access it now! Can I get out though?"

Clay was surprised as the pillar next to him, the one with the girl inside, glowed brightly for a few moments as cracks rapidly formed. However, the light dimmed and the breaking ceased.

"Dang it! I have to wait for Sapphire and Ultima to wake up." The voice grumbled.

He had a feeling that the girl was the voice in his mind, but before Clay could inspect the pillar further, another Jack bot shot at him again. He dodged the beam of energy, but the energy hit the pillar beside him. Strangely, the pillar wasn't effected at all by the shot. Instead, it reflected the shot, destroying the bot who shot it.

"That'll teach you to try and hurt me! Stupid robots...


Jack grinned as he deposited the green orbs and the Gem into his ship. "Three down, two to go!" Wuya said, grinning. "For once Jack, You're doing an excellent job."

He glared at the purple ghost. "Yeah, no thanks to you. What took you so long to detect these wu?"

She glared at him. "Just go get them." she seethed as Jack stuck his tongue at her before disappearing yet again.